how to find inspiration


I don't know if you're with me or I am the only one (hope I'm not), but there are days when I'm completely unmotivated and can't seem to find inspiration anywhere. Being a creative, my job relies a great deal on the very creativity when coming up with different projects and stories that demand great dose of inspiration every day. And inspiration is certainly not something I want to lose! So, whenever I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, I turn to those 15 ways to find inspiration and get me motivated again. Hope they help you too when you're in search for some inspo😊

15 Ways To Find Inspiration

1. Watch TED Talks

TED talks are something I really like to watch. Hearing other people share their stories is so inspiring and super motivating! I usually listen to those talks on success, knowledge, happiness or positivity while I'm doing my makeup😊

2.Read Books

Reading is probably THE biggest source of inspiration! Read on the subject that interests you and always keep learning. A great book can inspire ideas and ways of thinking that have the power to transform your life.

3. Research

Pick a topic you want to learn more about and research until you know everything. With internet and books, you have the entire world at your fingertips and you'll feel so inspired afterwards!

4. Go Outside

When you're stuck in a rut or feel unmotivated, go outside. It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk or you just step into your backyard. Fresh air does so much good for your brain and you can feel the energy and inspiration rush back into your body😉

5. Listen To Music

Music is like a power weapon! Listening to good music always gives your positive energy and lifts you up. Try listening other genres you wouldn’t ordinarily listen to, since stepping out of your usual playlist can greatly help your productivity and give you lots of inspiration♫

6. Take A Break

Sometimes you just need to take a break! When you've worked really hard, I can loose your inspiration and motivation. So relax and step away for some time to clear your head and return with fresh ideas.

7. Meditate / Do Yoga

Yoga and meditation both have a wide array of positive effects on your body and mind, including increasing creativity and decreasing anxiety.

8. Get Feedback

The biggest inspiration and new ideas can come from feedback. Bouncing your ideas off of other people creates a positive feedback loop of more ideas helps see things from other perspective.

9. Change Your Environment

Changing the environment you're in can help vastly on your creativity. The change itself can be something as simple as adding fresh flowers to your desk or why not going to work in another room for a while😉

10. Clean & Simplify

Often times the more clutter surrounds you, the more clouded your mind feels and you can't focus. Clean up your work space and get rid of things that don’t serve a purpose and you'll find inspiration coming back to you!

11. Break Your Routine

Sometimes finding inspiration is as simple as breaking your usual routine and trying out something new instead to get a fresh perspective on things😉

12. Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are like TED talks. They're super motivating and inspiring in many different ways! Look for different podcasts on subjects that interest you and listen to them when you're running, driving a car, eating breakfast etc or just whenever you need an inspiration kick😊

13. Get Pinning

Pinterest is such a huge source of inspiration for me. Whether it's for fashion, interior design, recipes, motivational quotes or what not! It is by far the most inspiring social media out there in my opinion.

14. Call A Friend

Sometimes all you need is a good conversation to find that lost inspiration again! Call to a friend who lifts you up and leaves you feeling great after a talk.

15. Discover New Blogs

I always aspire to inspire you here on my blog and so do a lot of other bloggers😊 I love to browse through Bloglovin to find new blogs and so, inspiration.

Where do you find inspiration from?