Weekends are the times I cherish the most. All three of us being together, going to different places and doing different things. Or not doing anything at all besides being at home and playing board games or doing at-home movie nights are just as special to me💛

Weekends are Thor's favorites too. Especially Sundays, cause Sundays are "sweet-days" in our family, which means that on Sundays he can eat all sorts of different sweets he wants. On the other days of the week, however, he is allowed to have a dessert after lunch and dinner, but no candies / chocolate / cookies etc. We've had this arrangement for about two years for now with a purpose to be more healthy, eat less sugar and more fruits & veggies. And it's been going great (with little ups-and-downs of course). Thor, as probably every other kid, is still a child and children want to eat all sorts of candies and what not😅 But since the amount of sugar that's in everything, is so huge and sweets are so addictive, we've decided to have a "sweet-day" rule in our house.

One of the things Thor really likes are little straw-drinks with different juices in and colorful pictures on them. The ones with his favorite cartoon characters pictured on are naturally the top of his choice haha. But the insides of those drinks are most times not that ideal for children, containing way too much sugar and artificial ingredients in them😩So they count as sweets and are a Sunday-drink. Luckily, Estonia's biggest & oldest drink manufacturer A Le Coq has come out with a new range of drinks  for kids without any added sugar or preservatives. They're called Limpa vesi + mahl (water + juice) and they are just that! Containing only juice and water, no sugar and no preservatives, they're Thor's new absolute favorites. He especially likes the blueberry one, but says that raspberry is just as good😉 I like them too, because now when Thor wants to drink some juice or we are on the move and want to bring along some beverages besides water, I pick Limpa that's both, delicious and healthy, at the same time!

Now, a few fun things my Limpa-drinking little guy has told me in the past months:
(they're in Estonian, but please use google to translate if you don't speak the language💛)

Tänaval kõnnivad kolm naisterahvast:
Thor: "Kas need on naised või emad?"
Mina: "Nad on kõik naised, aga ma ei tea, kas keegi neist on ka ema. Seda ei näe niimodi peale vaadates."
Thor: "Ma arvan, et nad on emad, mitte naised."
Mina: "Mismõttes? Naine oled ikka, isegi kui oled ema. Ega siis meheks ei muutu ju."
Thor: "Oled sa ema või naine?"
Mina: "Ma olen mõlemad."
Thor: "Ei. Sa ei saa kaks asja olla. Oled sa ema või naine? Otsusta ära!"
Mina: "Ok. Ma olen naine."
Thor: "Ei, vale vastus. Sa oled ema. Minu punkt!"😝

Mina (Richardile): "Ma nägin poe parklas, kuidas noored mees ja naine sõitsid autoga minu kõrvale ning autost välja tulles mees avas naisele ukse."
Richard: "Äkki tal oli autol uks katki ja ta pidi seda avama talle ise?"
Mina: "Ei, ta ikka teadlikult läks oma naisele ust avama ja andis veel käe ka. Täitsa üllatav! Ma pole sellist asja nii ammu näinud, et tänapäeval ka veel selliseid mehi on. Väga vahva!"
Thor: "Ja siis see mees võttis veel naise kukile ka ja aitas kõndida, eks?"

Südame definitsioon:
See asi, mis on su kõhu sees, mida sa saad kellelgi murda.

Mina: "Kui sul on viis kommi ja sa sööd viis ära, siis kui palju sul alles jääb?"
Thor: "Null."
Mina: "Aga kui sul on viis kommi ja emme sõi kõik ära. Kui palju sul siis on?"
Thor: "Null."
(Natuke aega hiljem)
Thor: "Emme, miks sa kõik mu kommid ära sõid!?"

Thor: "Emme, mis sul kosmeetikus tehti? Kas kooriti ja kreemitati?"
Mina: "Jah, ja pigistati punne ka."
Thor: "Ma võin sul ka millalgi kodus ise punne pigistada."
Mina: "Eee... Ma arvan, et pigem mitte."
Thor: "Ma oskan küll. Ma lihtsalt pigistan ja pigistan kõik kohad läbi kuni lõpuks on kõik sile."

Ülivõrre kõigele, kui Thor soovib väljendada, et miskit on hästi palju:
Kas nii hästi / kiirelt / palju, et lausa PLAHVATAD?

Thor's outfit
jacket: TIMBERLAND (on sale!)
sweatshirt: MIMI DISAIN
sweatpants: MIMI DISAIN
sneakers: NIKE