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Good morning from Berlin! Richard and I arrived here yesterday for the Fashion Week and I can't even explain to you how great it is to be back in Germany again! I have a constant smile on my face😊 Not only because we're in Berlin, but also because of travelling in general. I've been going on trips after every 2-3 weeks now these past few months and needless to say I love it! Travelling is such a passion of mine, so whenever I get a chance to go somewhere, I grab it😜

One thing we always like to do when visiting new places is renting a car. I think it adds so much to our trips, connecting us with the destination and just making the whole stay so much more convenient for us. Especially when travelling with children or going on beach vacations. Both of which mean lots of extra stuff to carry around, so just throwing it all into a car and heading your way instead of waiting for a bus or taking the taxi already gives enough reasons to consider renting. Which is why today I wanted to share my top 5 reasons why you should rent a car next time you're travelling:

1. Freedom

I find freedom to be the number one reason to rent a car. Just not depending on anyone or anything during your vacation is such a plus! You can pick up your car from the airport at the arrival, place all your luggage in and go😊 Especially when travelling to places where there is little public transport like we had in Puerto Rico. If we hadn’t rented a car there, we would have had to stay in one small area or purchase package day tours (which is not really something for us). Instead we got to see the whole island! Visit the most beautiful hidden beaches on the west side of Puerto Rico, hike in the rain forest in the middle part, jump into waves in north of Puerto Rico and visit small villages in the south area. Our trip was so much more fulfilling and exciting thanks to taking a car for our stay!

2. Flexibility

Renting a car gives you flexibility to come and go to whenever you want. From your arrival at the airport throughout the whole trip to the departure, you can fully manage your time. Also car rental gives you flexibility in terms of the type of car you choose. From big vehicles to fit all your things and large families to sporty cars to small eco-friendly options, not to mention choosing the type of fuel and gearbox you like.

3. Access

Let's face it, you can't get everywhere with public transport and taxi rides can cost a lot. Having a rental car on your vacation gives you the freedom to go watch the sunrise at the far-away beach, visit the beautiful flower fields in the middle of nowhere or having a sunset picnic up in the mountains overlooking the city. The options are endless😉

4. Comfort 

When travelling to places with warm and humid weather like Puerto Rico or just inside Europe during summer months like we did in Barcelona, it's constantly hot. Sitting inside your air-conditioned car to cool down or conveniently take extra clothes with for a longer day is much more comfortable when you have a car to leave them to instead of carrying everything constantly with you.

5. Adventure

Most of the best memories are made without planned! They come from taking the small road that leads to the most beautiful beach or pulling of the highway and discovering a dreamy little village or eating fresh fruit from the trees up in the mountains or just finding a cute little cafe at the other part of the city. Having a rental car on your trip helps making all those adventures come alive!

* Convenience

I added this as an extra reason to rent a car, not only for your travels but in general. You see, I also drive a rental car in Estonia😊 I rent a car long-term from Sixt instead of leasing it from a bank or buying my own. Although we live in the city center, I still need a car every now and then, whether for taking Thor to the kindergarten, going to meetings or just taking small roadtrips in beautiful Estonia and catching the most breath-taking sunsets you can see from the above photos😍 For all those things, renting a car matches my needs the best. I don't have to buy my own car and deal with all the hassle that comes with it nor lease it from a bank. Instead I have a long-term rental, which gives me the ability to drive the newest car, without having to spend my time on things like insurances, technical maintenance, exchanging tires, repairs etc. So basically I don't have to concentrate on anything else than just the joy of driving!

PS: As a little tip, I advise you to always rent a car from a well-known rental company instead of a small local one. Although renting from a small place may seem a lot cheaper at first, trust me, it almost never is... Years back we've made that mistake a few times and always ended up having to pay a lot extra afterwards. So based on our experiences, it's always better to rent from a trusty company, even if it's just for your peace of mind.

Have you rented a car on your travels?😊


  1. Gosh your smile is amazing :D
    and this is such a lovely post. We rent a car during our Iceland trip and it was pure bliss. Lovely.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. Thank you Amely! I believe you had an absolutely amazing experience driving through Iceland by car. It's such a magical country! xx Kristjaana

  2. Love your outfit! So cute! I've rented a car on almost every trip I've ever gone on but not for my most recent trip. On my most recent trip to Puerto Vallarta I got around mostly by walking, & also by taxi & public bus. The public bus was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip. So enjoyable to talk w the locals & experience a part of their every day life. Oh actually & Vegas, that's one place taxi is just way easier, haha.

    1. Totally agree with you, Kara! Some cities are better explored by taxis / subway etc. NY for example is one place I wouldn't rent a car myself either, would be too complicated to enjoy the trip haha :D

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    1. Hi Elizabeth! Happy to see you here and glad you liked this post <3