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Seems like finally (!!!) the summer has arrived in Estonia, and so I'm spending as much time outside as possible, being at the beach / in the countryside / inside the forest or just anywhere in the nature😊 Summer season really is the best of the best! But how to make the most of this short time so that you really feel like you've given and gotten all that it has to offer and enter autumn with lots of energy, good memories and a happy heart? I've gathered some thoughts on what to do during this beautiful summer time💛

5 ways to make the most of your summer:

1. Wander Around Your Town 

This summer, treat your hometown like a new-to-you destination and be a tourist in your own city! Visit local landmarks and explore the museums inside the city. Or why not create a custom tour based on your personal interests. For example, if you love coffee, then try out new coffee houses, or if you love to ride a bike, then get to know the local parks better by taking a bike tour. I'm a big fan of trying out new cafes and restaurants in Tallinn, always searching for that next fav spot!

2. Attend Summer Events

Summer is full of all sorts of wonderful events from concerts to fairs to what not! Find a schedule of the events and mark down the ones that interest you, so that you'll remember to attend them. We like to take part in all sorts of fun children events that are held throughout the summer across Estonia. Thor enjoys them so much and we're happy to create summer memories with him😊

3. Spend Time With Friends

Summer is a fantastic time to be spent with your friends. When you're younger you do it all the time, but with kids and work like can get busy and you don't see your friends that often anymore. So invite your friends over to play board games, organize a day of crafting and outdoor activities or rent a movie projector and have an open-air movie screening. We like to go out and do some sports with our friends, have a bbq or play games together. It's always so much fun and a great time!

4. Learn Something New

Summer is an amazing time to concentrate on your hobbies. Take the time to practice and get better at your current hobbies or learn something new instead. Take this summer and learn something you've always wanted to but never had the time etc. For example, learn another language or teach yourself to write with your non-dominant hand (it’s a great workout for your brain!). You can also learn almost anything on Youtube. I like to watch different tutorials on how to take photos and how to edit them to get better at this area😊

5. Take The Time Off

What's a summer without relaxing and just doing nothing?! Which is why make sure to give yourself some quality time to do absolutely nothing. Sit in your garden or hang in a hammock, read a book and soak up the sun. Summer is the time to nurture your body and mind!

How do you like to spend your summer or enjoy your vacations?😊

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