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girl summer fun sunset flower field

sunset field photoshoot

girl field photography

girl field sunset

Summer is a wonderful time to take some time off, clear your mind & body and just spend time with yourself. It's the time of adventures, of great memories made and of fun! Follow these ten steps this summer for more memorable summertime, lots of happiness and a balanced life:

1. Spend a day at museum or art gallery
2. Read your favorite chapter from a book you love
3. Go for a walk in nature
4. Do a juice cleanse for a day
5. Visit the florist and pick up a bunch of flowers
6. Donate your old books & clothes to charity
7. Journal & declare your dreams
8. Wake up early to see the sunrise
9. Detox from technology for one day
10. Listen to an album from start to finish without distractions 

dress: H&M
hat: FRENCH CONNECTION (similar)
sunglasses: RAY-BAN

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