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Travelling, for me, is the biggest source of inspiration and the key to relaxation and pure happiness. But with that said, all the experiences and emotions are ten times better when shared with your loved ones, especially when you are travelling with children. There's not a single thing that makes me happier than discovering new places with my sweet Thor. Seeing the world together and sharing special memories from all those trips is just wonderful!

Travelling with kids, however, obviously differs from when you're travelling alone or with a group of adults. The pace and interests are different which is why the activities should be a little different as well to please all family members and give everyone positive feelings😊 This is why I put together a list of 6 places to visit in Barcelona when you're travelling with children:

6 Things to do in Barcelona with Kids

Barcelona Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo is situated right in the center of the city in Ciutadella park. Specialized in great apes, the zoo also has lots of parrots and daily dolphin shows. You can rent a golf car to move around inside the zoo, which is extra fun for kids and there's also a cool playground to hang out after seeing all the animals.

Park Güell

Park Güell is a must-visit no matter if you're travelling with children or without. In addition to all it's wonderful views and cool lizard statues you get to see while hiking in the park, the park also offers several playgrounds for kids which makes to whole experience even more fun for the little travellers! Each time we visit Barcelona we go to Park Güell at least once during our trip - the view from the top never gets old💘


The underwater world with its big aquarium is a great activity that offers children much of excitement. Seeing all the different fish and sea animals up close and walking through the shark tunnel in particular is cool (and not only for children😉).


Tibidabo amusement park is a must-visit to all the amusement park fans, especially if you're travelling with children between 10-15 years old. It's also much fun for the adrenaline-seeking adults as well and the view from Tibidabo is quite spetacular!

Ciutadella park

Ciutadella park is a big green park in the center of Barcelona, quite like Central Park in NYC. Inside the park you can have a picnic, go on a boat ride on the lake and climb on the horns of a giant plastic mammoth, all of which will make your children super happy!

Museu de la Xocolata

Show me a kid who doesn't like chocolate!? The Chocolate Museum is a great attraction to both, adults and children, telling the story of chocolate in Europe and the importance of its origin in South American cultures. The sweet chocolate smell and the comic book characters made of chocolate gives everyone sweet tooth cravings😋

"Happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new with someone you love"💛


  1. Hi! There's also a small but great park called Laberinto de Horta, it has a maze and it's quite green, something that is not that common in Barcelona. Some films and videoclips have been shot in the maze because of its French style, it's very photogenic. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for this tip, Marta! We'll definitely check it out next time we're in Barcelona :)

  2. Next time check Cosmocaixa, its a fantastic Science Museum completely off the beaten track, which for adults is great as well. You can find some info here: