After last six months or so of nothing working out like I planned, having all sorts setbacks and struggles, I finally feel like the stars are at my favor again and things are starting to get great again, which makes me incredibly happy, obviously. I always like to celebrate life's little moments with a glass of champagne. So when Moet contacted me last week and invited me to spend a day with them on a boat with sweet girls and a little bubbly, the timing couldn't have been any better. Naturally I said "yes" without any hesitation😊

The champagne house Moet & Chandon always suggests to "celebrate the now" and I absolutely love their approach. Cause after all, isn't life made of small moments that are meant to be celebrated?! We had our #moetmoment with Moet Ice Imperial (which btw is perfect for summer, best served in large glasses with lots of ice and fresh berries😉), celebrating the beginning of summer and the coming Moet Party Day, that takes place on June 17th all over the world.

Last year I celebrating the international party day in Barcelona, watching sunset on the beach with Richard. And that's exactly what this day is about - creating your own little #moetmoments, whether inviting friends over, having a picnic at the park, going on a boat ride, visiting the movies or what not. It could be anything worth celebrating! This year, however, I'll be back in Tallinn for the 17th so I'm excited to celebrate Moet Party Day in Estonia and attend their parties with lots of happy life-enjoying people💛

How do you like to celebrate life's precious moments?

↢ enjoy responsibly ↣


  1. Ei saa jätta mainimata, et oled neil piltidel erakordselt kaunis!