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pink high waist pants outfit

Summer is finally here and I literally cannot be any happier, talking about the sun and the weather nonstop haha. I's obviously just something I can't help, being so dependent on warmth and sunshine - it makes me smile!

Another thing I can't seem to get over is anything pink. There's a saying that the older you get the more you wear pink... Well I guess I'm getting old🙈 What I love about the pink color, and pink pants in particular, is the way they make your outfit look so relaxed, feminine and just positive (if that's possible in a piece of clothing). Those high waist pants or peg trousers as they're called are true spring/summer staple that I'll wear over and over again this season, cause their so light weight, easy to match and have cute details.

In another news, I'm still in Florence. Love the city's architecture with little house by the river and lots of bridges. But at the same time I'm feeling super tired. The fair is from early morning until late evening and I don't get to go out and explore and it just kind of drains you, you know... Luckily my plane leaves Monday evening and the fair ends on Sunday, so I have almost a full day on Monday to explore, eat lots of gelatos and enjoy the Italian summer😊

jacket: LINDEX (similar)
t-shirt: COCA-COLA (similar)
pants: ZARA (similar)
sneakers: REEBOK

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