Today is the fifth time I get to celebrate Mother's Day as a mom myself and there are few things in life better than waking up to you child's hugs and kisses😍 Needless to say being a mother is a dream and so happy to have such an amazing son as Thor!

I've had the most wonderful Mother's Day today that started with a brunch and a little spa-date with my mom and Thor to pamper ourselves and just enjoy our time together😊 After that we visited my grandmother and then headed out to a late lunch / early dinner and now we're back home and are about to start a movie night with animation films. But before I'm off to watch cartoons with my son, I wanted to share with you the 3 lessons I've learned from being a mother:

1. Value Time

It's so easy to get caught up on life and forget to appreciate every second of this beautiful thing called life. Time has definitely gotten a new meaning once I became a mom. You can so easily see how fast time flies by when you look at your children and see how fast they grow and learn new things. Thanks to Thor I've learned to live more in the moment and just enjoy the day-to-day life!

2. Enjoy Life

For kids, everything is new and exciting. Raising Thor has taught me to appreciate the little things in life like the blue sky to ice-cream to ants to riding a bike to what not! The smallest things can make you smile and it only takes having each other to be truly happy😉

3. Love Unconditionally

Before Thor, I didn't know I could ever love somebody as much as I do him. As a mother, I'm always worried about him and want the best for Thor. At the same time he brings me the biggest joy and fulfills my hear with so much happiness! I always put his needs, wants and well-being before mine just love him from the bottom of my heart💘

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