red top pink flowers girl


11:00 / Morning coffee & flowers

pink peonies summer outfit

morning coffee flowers perfume outfit summer

15:00 / Mommy & son date

gelato icecream eating happiness

mom and son eating icecream outside summer

19:00 / Dinner with friends

grey jumpsuit outfit summer

dark grey jumpsuit outfit summer

We as women tend to wear many different hats - being mothers, wives, employees, girlfriends, entrepreneurs etc. And most of the time all that in one single day, every day! I personally mix my time between being a wife and a mother to being a blogger and a friend to having some me-time as well. And I'm sure all of you agree with me and do the same in your lives.

Living the busy life, where I sometimes don't have time to put on make-up or even forget to eat, there is one thing I always wear and that's perfume. I've had a strong connection with perfumes since an early age, carefully choosing the scents and having a little collection for different types of events and different days and moods in general. My friends and classmates back from high school used to tell me that they would always know me for my signature perfume and when they'd scent it anywhere else they would automatically think of me. ...And nothing has changed😊 Perfumes still have a special part in my day to day life and spraying a little bit of fragrance on myself here and there throughout the day gives that extra touch just perfectly!

When I heard that one of my favorite perfume houses, Guerlain, released a new perfume Mon Guerlain, which is a tribute to today’s strong, free and sensual femininity, with a nameless bottle and a perfume to represent the woman wearing it, I instantly fell in love with the story behind the new fragrance! And when I smelled the perfume with its lavender, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood notes, I was sold😉 The idea and the scent itself match perfectly with my life from the morning when I wake up and enjoy a little bit of alone time picking up a cup of coffee and fresh flowers for home. To these precious moments with my Thor, having our mommy & son dates playing, eating ice-creams and just having the sweetest conversations. And up until the evening events and dinners when I want to dress up or just spend some quality time with Richard, Mon Guerlain is the final touch I add for that bit of extra confidence, mystery and femininity. 

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