where to get fashion inspiration


Being a creative and more or less in the fashion business, I'm constantly in search for inspiration. To me, fashion is art - it can say so much about your personality and become a great way to express yourself. To stay inspired, I’m always saving links and pictures and making notes. Here are the 5 places I look for fashion inspiration:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is my number one source of inspiration. Whenever I need an idea for a photo or want to find new ways to wear a particular item, I’ go to Pinterest. I never use Google if I search anything in pictures, cause I get so much irrelevant information there, but I could literally pin for hours. There's just so much inspiration!

2. Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines are something I like to browse for beautiful editorials and interesting articles. They're not so much up-to-date as the online sources, but they're special and timeless in their own way. Vogue, Porter Magazine and Marie Claire are my favorites to read and I always pick a few new issues of them up whenever I travel, cause they're just the best way to spend your time on plane😉 There’re also lots of online magazines that give inspiration every day. My favorites are Who What Wear, Style.com and V Magazine.

3. Blogs & Instagram

Well naturally I get lots of inspo from blogs and Instagram (hopefully you too, since you're reading my blog😍) Blogs and Instagram are a great way to get inspired by real people’s outfits and that's why I love them the most as an inspiration - I can relate and easily create these looks myself!

4. Brand Lookbooks

When it comes to styling different pieces of clothing together and matching the right shoes / accessories to the look, I like to browse brand lookbooks. Every time Zara puts a new editorial up on their website, I go take a look cause their always so fresh and cool! I also love how Shopbop and Net-A-Porter style their pieces together and Asos has pretty nice ideas for casual dressing as well😉

5. Fashion Shows

The best way to get to see the up-and-coming trends and new season's must-haves is through the many fashion shows from Fashion weeks that are held twice a year. They're like real life lookbooks that give huge amount of inspiration and not only from the runways but also from the people attending the shows!

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

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