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pink coat minimalist outfit

neck tie scarf under coat outfit

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pink coat fashion

pink spring outfit street style

black neck tie bandana outfit spring

Lately I haven't been very creative when it comes to my outfits. I've fallen into a fashion-rut (if that's a thing) and been totally relying on my favorite "coat + pants + flats" combo I so perfectly master already. There really is not much excuse to my somewhat boring looks rather than the fact that though it's already approaching the end of April the temperatures are far from spring-like and resemble more winter. And there are only so many months you can be creative with your winter outfits without getting bored to be honest. But since the weather is what it is and I can't really change a thing about it, I need to be creative with what I've got😉 And that's when a neck scarf comes in hand!

This little accessory (which was a big favorite of mine last summer) is a great way to up your outfit game and bring some new life to your basic look. Being so feminine and chic, there's no wonder neck ties are french girls' favorites and who doesn't like a classic french style, especially during spring right?! Well, I certainly do and not only gives this little bandana a cool color / texture attach to my oh-so-pink outfit but it also keeps my neck warm in the cold temperatures, so a total win-win situation if you ask me😍

coat: LINDEX (similar)
sunglasses: PRADA
sweater: GINA TRICOT (similar)
trousers: ZARA (similar)
sneakers: REEBOK
scarf: ZARA (similar)


  1. Not only neck scarves are necessary but all scarves can enhance your personality and should be a necessary part of daily outfit. I always wear scarf with my daily outfit. I think scarves are the only thing which you can used in different ways like as a fashion or in winter and also i have seen that some people are using personalised football scarves to support their football team. It is not a strange thing but a large number of people are making their way to support their team by wearing supporting scarves.

    1. Totally agree with you, Rachel! Scarves are such a great piece of accessory that can be worn in so many different ways besides around your neck ;)

    2. Thanks for sharing KristJaana
      God Bless you!