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If any of you have ever tried finding a decent hotel in Paris during Fashion Week, you’ll probably know that is a nearly impossible task. All of the hotels are either fully booked or the prices are sky high, although there are hundreds of hotels in Paris, from huge luxurious ones to stylish new ones to small hidden gems. When we decided to head to Paris in the beginning of March, we were looking for a hotel that was semi affordable but also stylish and something special for our quick trip. What also played an important part for us was the location. Since we've been to Paris before, exploring new areas and staying at a small boutique hotel in a neighborhood loved by the locals to get the most authentic feel during our trip was one of our main criteria. And that's when I found the Hotel Basss that answered all my needs. Located in the heart of Montmartre, it is a small hotel with 36 rooms with retro graphic look and white tile bathrooms.
In typical Parisian manner, the rooms are very small but the decor is simple yet stylish. We stayed in a double room on the last floor of the hotel and were told by the staff that our room was the only one in the entire hotel with the view to the Eiffel tower. Love! Nothing better than coming back to the hotel after a long and exhausting (rainy) day, taking a hot shower and watching the sparkles of the tower shine towards us from the comfortable bed, even though our hotel was actually so far away from the 7th arrondissement and the Eiffel💕
Another thing I really enjoyed at Hotel Basss was people watching while having breakfast. Situated in a buzzing street of Montmartre, in between all the cafes and small shops, it was so nice to start our day watching people having their morning coffee across the street, rushing to work with a baguette in their hands or local shop owners taking in morning deliveries while eating a croissant at our hotel's dining area. Made me feel like a local part of the everyday life instead of just being a tourist at a hotel.
Montmartre is an area in Paris I definitely recommend visiting and why not spend a night or two up on the hill when already there!😉

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