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Good morning loves! I'm at the hospital with Thor who's having a surgery as we speak. Nothing serious thankfully, he's getting his adenoids removed, but still quite hard for me to sit in another room and just wait when my little baby is next doors... We'll get back home later today and have to rest and stay inside for a week to come and then it will all be better and Thor will be able to breathe through his nose and not have adenoids affect his coming permanent teeth, which was the reason he's at the surgery. So all is good😊
He's really brave and I think he was even kinda excited for this surgery, cause we let him eat absolutely everything he wanted last night haha. He can normally have sweets only on Sundays that are candy days in our family, but this time we made an exception and so last evening after kindergarten Thor insisted on going to McDonalds first and buy a big box of candies, cookies and chocolates after😃 Another thing we did was going to Helsinki last weekend, cause Thor has to stay inside for a while now and he absolutely loves going on boat trips. So early on Saturday morning we went to Helsinki for a fun fam day of shopping, eating (really recommend Bronda restaurant!) and strolling around town. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck with the weather, but going on rainy trips seems to be our thing already haha. However, we didn't let the cold and rain kill our mood and enjoyed our time there a lot.
For my outfit in Helsinki I chose to wear a look that was comfortable enough for car-rides yet chic enough for streets. So deciding to wear sneakers and jeans was a no-brainer, but I added a baseball cap to give my outfit a little athleisure vibe. With a timeless trench coat and a hand bag it looks chic and not too sporty, just the way I like. Speaking of hats, I'm a big fan of these accessories, cause they can totally transform your whole outfit not to mention being the best bad-hair-day and rainy-day saviors😉
But ok, now I'm gonna keep on waiting for Thor to get out of surgery. The time seems to be going so slowly, you have no idea and my hands are a bit shaky as I write this post... Luckily it will all be over very soon, we can go home and Thor will get better! Talk tomorrow xx

sweater: H&M (similar)
jeans: MANGO
sneakers: REEBOK

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