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Photos: Alina Sepp ❤

L'amour Fou. I love that French phrase! It means crazy love. Or, in more detail, a head-spinning intense love that defies all conventions and turns you upside down. Exactly the kind of love I love - the modern, real and not oh-so-romantic kind of pure love.
Our love story began 10 years ago. And throughout all these 10 years the love between Richard and I has been passionate, intense, emotional and never boring. The number 8 - also known as infinity - has somehow and totally unintentionally played a big part in our relationship. We started dating on April 8th and 8 years later, on November 8th we got married. Last year, for our anniversary we went to Paris, the city of love, where we got matching little number "8" tattooed on our arms to celebrate our love. Our love story turns 10 in a few weeks and I can't wait to write more pages to the book of us, to the book of Kristjaana & Richard❤
L'amour Fou is the type of love that inspired YSL in creating its new perfume "Mon Paris", which is a fragrance for modern lovers. I absolutely love it and not just the incredible scent but also its name so perfectly made for me to remind me of our love every time I smell it.

"It was all about the day and the night, the caresses and the tenderness, the crazy love and the dizziness. It was all about him and I. It was all about Mon Paris."