kristjaana mere pink bomber jacket outfit


paris street style rainy day outfit

head to toe beige pink spring outfit

kristjaana mere pink bomber jacket outfit

paris streetstyle pink bomber pink pants outfit spring

Oh, today was just amazing! I get so much energy and positive vibes from something as simple as sunshine🌞 Other than that, today has once again been oh-so-busy, but luckily I did find some time to go flower shopping before picking up Thor after kindergarten. So nice to sit at my dining table right now and smell the fresh tulips while writing this post to you😊
The weather in Paris, on the other hand, was far from spring-y when we took these photos. I was literally freezing in those light pants and even the large cup of cappuccino couldn't keep me warm. And then it started raining too, like the heavy cold wind wasn't enough haha. So right after taking these photos we went to Galeries Lafayette which was only a 10 minute walk from Montmartre for some shopping and I got myself a new pair of classic (and warm hehe) Levi's 501 jeans. Guess there's always something good in every "bad" situation after all😉

bomber: H&M (similar)
trousers: ZARA (similar)
scarf: MÖTIVI (similar)
shoes: ZARA (similar)

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