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Ever since I started blogging, I've grown into a huge photography lover over the years and not a day goes by without me shooting photos, whether for work or for something else. After all, photography is a very big part of this blog, which is why it makes me so happy to see that this is a subject so many of you are interested in as well😊 Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from you guys are about the subject of photography. So today I'll answer the top three questions I get asked:

1. What Camera Do You Use?

A camera is any blogger's / photographer's most precious piece of equipment which is why I've had a few of them during my almost 6 years of blogging. I started out with a simple half-frame camera, but have replaced it many times since, always improving for a better, more advanced version when I reach a point where I feel like the current camera isn't enough for my needs anymore. We've been using Canon's new EOS 5D Mark IV camera for the last month or so now and both Richard and I absolutely love it! It's by far the best camera we've ever worked with and not only has the quality of my photos improved since then but the overall work flow has tremendously developed also. I like my camera to be fast, efficient and easy to use, to help me work faster and have fun while doing it😉 I especially love the built-in wifi feature with what I can easily transfer photos from camera to my phone and upload them straight to Instagram. Another feature I'm loving on this particular camera is the ability totally manage it from your phone through an app, so that I can easily take photos without actually holding the camera in my hands - how convenient!

2. What Kind Of Lenses Do You Use And When?

Since we mostly shoot my outfits, we like to use fix lenses, which give perfectly blurred background and a clear focus point. Most of my photos are shot with a Canon 35mm f/1.4 lens, which is an incredibly versatile lens and works for almost everything we shoot. It doesn't require as big of a distance for shooting as a 85mm lens and we especially like to use it for my hotel reviews and in places where we don't have much space between myself and the object we're taking a picture of. Another favorite of ours is a 50mm fixed lens, which is perfect for closer portraits, detail shots and some landscapes, since the 35mm lens tends to create a little fish eye effect in longer distance. We're currently deciding whether we should get us this 50mm f/1.2 or that 85mm f/1.2 lens next, have been craving on them both for a while.

3. How Do You Edit Your Photos?

I shoot all my blog photos on RAW and edit them with Lightroom, where I adjust the highlights, contrasts, exposure & shadows and make slight adjustments to the blacks and whites where necessary. As for color grading, I like my photos to be rather pink-ish that yellow-ish, so I usually turn down the warmth a bit and move the tint towards the pink side. I also do all the photo cropping and rotating in Lightroom.
For Instagram, I edit my photos using the VSCO app. My favorite filters are A5, F2 and HB1, but I usually add them just a bit to the photo, cause I don't want to make the picture look too over-edited. Inside the Instagram app, I slightly sharpen the photo before publishing and sometimes add a bit of contrasts when I feel like the picture could use more of them.


  1. Ma plaanin just oma Canon 50mm f 1,2 müüki panna, nii et kui heas korras kasutatud objektiivi osta tahad, siis mul on pakkuda.

    1. Miks müüd? Kas pole rahul või ei kasuta vms? Minumeelest 50mm nii hea universaalne fix ja veel 1.2 avaga ma paremat varianti ei leiaks, millega vahetada, mistõttu kohe täitsa huvitab Sinu huvi seda müüa :)