5 years ago today I woke up to a cold and snowy morning. It was a Saturday morning, February 11th, just like today. Except that I was 37 weeks pregnant. We had just bought an apartment and straight after breakfast Richard went there to do some renovations. I went outside to shovel the snow, it took me couple of hours cause there was lots of snow. When I came back inside I started cleaning cause I felt like it, don't know why. When all was done I went to take a shower and discovered that my legs were super swollen. I called Richard and told him that it's so weird how swollen my legs are. He told me to go straight to the doctor's and bring my mom with me. I didn't want to go, it was Saturday evening, it will definitely be nothing important and just take a lot of time. And most certainly I didn't want to bother my mom with it. I thought I could just go there quickly myself, but since Richard insisted that I wouldn't drive myself, we went together with my mom. When we arrived and I told the young nurse there about my swollen legs, she checked the heart rate of both me and the baby and told that everything's fine and swollen legs are totally normal. In my head I was thinking "I told you so, there was no need for me to come here..." But as we started to go away, an older women working at the reception told me to hold on for a little, cause she wanted a doctor to check me too, just in case. I just wanted to go back home, I was tired from working all day and wanted to relax, eat and watch a movie. But I went back in, the doctor came and checked me out. My mom was sitting behind the door. All of a sudden the doctor came out and told the nurse to get the delivery room ready, cause I'm in labor! I was in no pain and it all was so sudden that I got scared. My mom immediately called Richard and told the news. It took him exactly 15 minutes to go home, take a shower, grab my bag and get to the hospital. He was even more nervous than me and didn't want to miss anything. It was 7 pm then. The delivery itself was the most painful thing I've ever done (as for everyone obviously), but I insisted it to be only natural and I didn't want to take any painkillers. Luckily, little over 3 hours later it was all over and I had become a mother to a baby boy and felt the biggest love I ever could have imagined! At 1 am we got to go to the ward from the delivery room. Unfortunately, we didn't get the family room as we had hoped, because it was the middle of the night and all the rooms were full. Which meant that I had to go to a shared room with another woman and Richard had to go back home. I was completely exhausted, but I didn't sleep a minute that night. I had no idea what to do when my baby starts to cry or wants to eat, nor had I ever changed a diaper. So I just watched him sleep and sent pictures of him to Richard. Next day we got a family room and spent the following 3 days in the hospital. On Valentine's Day we went home and so our journey began😊
And today my baby boy turned 5. We had a super fun day and a cool birthday party and I just tucked him into bed. Right now, as I sit on the couch and write this to you, I feel so blessed and loved! I have been a mother for 5 amazing years and I'm so happy to wake up every morning to his kisses. Happy birthday my sweet Thor💚

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