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Hello December! How has this Christmas month started for you? Mine started with a full boom of Christmas parties and presents - loooove it!šŸ˜ But taking a moment to look back at beautiful sunny days and blue waters I experienced in November before fully entering this festive season of December. Come follow me along on Instagram @kristjaanašŸ’œ

Tere detsember! Kuidas jƵulukuu teil algas? Kas kƤisid pƤkapikud ka? Minu oma on kĆ¼ll suure hooga pihta hakanud koos kinkide ja igasuguste jƵulupidudega - niiiii tore!šŸ˜ Kuid veel enne, kui end tƤielikult saabunud pidudehooajale hƤƤlestan, lƤhen hetkeks tagasi novembrikuusse ja sellega kaasnenud soojadesse pƤikesepaistelistesse pƤevadesse ning helesinistesse vetesse. Tulge jƤrgnege mu tegemistele ikka Instagramis ka @kristjaanašŸ’œ

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