how to be more creative


Creativity means making something new and somehow valuable, being innovative and bringing your ideas to life. Sounds exciting, right? And I'm sure you know some people, who are always up to new ideas, they're just full of creativity and everything they start turn into gold. And you've got nothing - not a single creative idea... But don't worry! Creativity and creative thinking are easily doable, you just have to follow these 5 tips to increase your creativity: 

1. Exercise Your Brain

Just like you need to work out  to be strong and have your body in great shape, your brain needs exercise too in order to be creative! Brainstorm new ideas constantly, no matter how stupid they might seem to you. Take a paper and a pen and for 30 minutes each day write down every idea you can think of.

2. Read 

Read a lot - books, articles, online etc. Also write, cause a vision is clear only when you can put it on a paper. Listen to music, that stimulates your mind and makes you more creative as well.

3. Do New Things

Always be curiousity, take risks and try new things. It doesn't matter if it scares you or you don't know how to do it - you'll figure it out on the way and this tremendously helps you find your creative side!

4. Change Your Surroundings

If the place your at doesn't help your creative flow, then go to a different place! Go outside, be social, overcome any fear you might have and you'll see how much more creative you become.

5. Relax

Taking the time off to relax and fule your body and mind with evergy is just as important as exercising. A good way to do that is to meditate, which helps you clear your mind and open yourself up to creativity.

Do you consider yourselves creative persons? How do you increase your creativity? 

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