cant sleep at night


Isn't summer the best season of the year full of long sunny days and lots of adventures?! This also means lots of sleepless nights, though, and not getting enough sleep can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. Cause sleeping is really important for so many different reasons and noone likes to feel tired due to lack of sleep.
Although long summer days can be the reason you're not sleeping enough, most times that's not the issue. When you do get in bed in the right time and are ready to sleep but the last thing you can do is actually fall asleep, then continue on reading to find out the reasons why you can't sleep at night and how you can improve it to sleep better.
The main reasons causing trouble falling to sleep at night are caffein, hunger, late nights, hormones, alcohol, working too much and smoking. The best way to improve your sleep is to try to eliminate these issues or at least avoid them a few hours before sleep. When you've tried everything and still can't fall asleep when you're already in bed, then try these 6 techniques:

1. Use  A Sleeping Mask

Sleeping with a mask on helps you fall asleep faster and aslo improves the quality of your sleep. Being in complete darkness while sleeping helps your eyes and mind fully relax and it's also highly recommended when having a headache!

2. Focus On Breathing

Often when you try to fall asleep, your mind starts thinking of 19475628 different things all at once, making it impossible for you to sleep. Counting the sheep doesn't help either haha. But what does help is focusing on your breathing - slowly and deeply breathing in and out until you fall asleep.

3. Avoid Technology

When can’t sleep, many people reach for their phones in hopes of getting tired. Actually this does the complete opposite giving your mind too much stimulation. To sleep, you need to switch off, so put your phone as far from your bed as you can ;)

4. Get Up

When you've tried everything already and are still having difficulty trying to fall asleep, it can only make you more frustrated. So just get out of the bed and try to relax a bit somewhere else until you feel sleepy enough to return to your bed.

5. Make A Hot Drink

If you're already out of bed and still feeling too awake for sleeping, make yourself a hot drink. Hot milk and chamomile tea are the best options to help you relax, cause they relax your muscles, making it easier for your body to get into a sleepy state.

6. Run A Bath

If you're having the worst night ever and simply nothing helps and you feel like you just can't sleep, then take a bath. Hot water relaxes your body and mind, making you sleepy. Make your bath time extra nice with some bubbles and candels, avoiding bright lights and giving yourself a little midnight spa time.

I hope these tips will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better to wake up feeling rested and full of energy every day :)


  1. Great tips!! I can't sleep in the light, so I love a sleeping mask.

    1. Me too! I used to sleep only with sleeping masks and I couldn't even think of sleeping without one, but I've gotten used to sleeping in a bit lighter room now as well :P

  2. Ehh, kirjutan eesti keeles... Nimelt nt mul psühholoog andis ka sellise nipi, et kui ei suuda lihtsalt hingamisele keskenduda ja tõesti on palju mõtteid peas, siis üks võimalus on kujutleda taevast ja liikuvaid pilvi ja siis igat mõtet, mis tuleb, lihtsalt vaatad ja see läheb pilvena mööda. Et kunagi ei tohi lasta end mõtetel süvitsi endasse laskuda ja analüüsima hakata, vaid lasta sel pealiskaudsel mõttel minna.

    Ja teine asi - kui on järgmine päev tähtis päev, mille pärast võib-olla magada ei saa, kuna mõtteid on palju, siis tasub enne magama minekut need mõtted kirja panna, läbi mõelda, kas asjad said pakitud jne. Ja läbi mõelda ka, mis on järgmise päeva need sündmused, mis sind ees ootavad jne, et ei tekiks enne magaminekut pooleldi uneledes paanika, kas midagi ununes :)