how to get salon perfect long lasting nails amnicure at home tutorial


Having beautiful, perfectly polished nails is something I really love seeing on a woman, myself included! Which is why I always make sure my nails look presentable and that I have a beautiful manicure done.

What I also love is natural nails, instead of fake gel nails or gel polished nails. Mainly because I really don't like the stage on a nail when it starts to grow out, leaving a not-so-pretty part of unpolished nail next to your cuticles. And I don't say it cause I'm against them - not at all! I've had gel nails about 8 years ago and I've also had my nails done with gel polishes a few times a couple of years ago, but the most beautiful nail is still a natural nail in my opinion. The only reason I think people get gel nails is because they either can't do a beautiful manicure themselves at home or it doesn't last them very long.

Being a huge fan of nicely done manicure and having done it myself every week for such a long time, I've discovered quite a few tips on how to really nail it (pun intended hehe). So today I would like to share all my tips and tricks with you, so you could have salon-perfect nails too😊 Also, doing your nails yourself at home is so much more convenient, saving your time and money, so why not try it! Here's how:

1. Always paint your nails in the morning

This way you allow enough time for them to dry and avoid getting ugly chips and patterns on them. Cause let's face it, although you may fall asleep with your hands placed on the blanket, not touching anything, you'll still wake up with pillow patterns all over your freshly done nails😡 But when you paint your nails right in the morning they'll be dry enough when you go to bed and you don't have to worry about how you sleep!

2. Clean your nails with nail polish remover

Once you start doing your manicure it is always important to first clean your nails with nail polish remover so that the polish will stay on the nails better and longer.

3. Add two layers of nail polish

For the second step, start putting on your nail polish, adding two coats for it to really cover and get a beautiful even color😉
I always use Essie nail polishes just because I like how they last and most importantly because these nail polishes have a wide brush which way it is so much easier to put your polish on nice and evenly without messing anything up. My nails are painted red 80% of the time, since it is such a classic and versatile color (loving this polish the most!) and the other 20% of the time they're either black (I use this one, seen here) or any other color😜

4. Clean your nail polish bottle with nail polish remover

This is really important! If you want your nail polishes to last long, you need to thoroughly clean the neck of your nail polish with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover to remove any excess polish. Do it right after you paint your nails! If you don't, the polish will dry on the neck, making it difficult to close properly. This will let air into the bottle, make your nail polish thick and eventually let it try out.
What I use in case one of my polishes gets a bit thick is a few drops of this nail polish thinner and everything is back to normal👌

5. Add a gel top coat

Let your nail polish dry fro about 15 minutes and then add one layer of top coat. What I use and recommend you to use is a gel effect top coat. This is the best! It dries fast and lasts a lot longer that the ordinary top coat.
PS: don't forget to clean the neck of the top coat after use too😉

6. Hold nails in ice cold water for 5 minutes

Wait for another 5-10 minutes and then put ice cold water into a bowl and hold your nails in it for 5 minutes. This is good for two reasons - first, the cold water will dry your nails a lot faster, so you can continue with your everyday life without worrying about messing up your fresh mani. And secondly, since the ice cold water makes your polish really stiff, it will last longer.

7. Half an hour later put on hand cream

After doing the mani, your hands are definitely dry and need some cream to finish the manicure and get an overall beautiful look.
I always use this hand creme. It is THE best! It is really light, has a perfect smell, moisturizes my hands really well without leaving them greasy and its natural, too. Really recommend it!

8. Add another layer of top coat on the 3rd day

If you want your perfectly done nails to look beautiful and last for at least a week, then add another coat of top polish 2 days after doing your manicure. For example, if I paint my nails on Monday, I'll add another coat on Wednesday. This step will make your nails really hard and long-lasting. And don't forget to hold your hands in ice cold water for 5 minutes!

How do you do your nails? Let me know all your tricks and tips!😊