Today's giftguide is dedicated to men. An inspiration of presents for husband, boyfriend, brother, father or any other man! One thing with men and their presents is that they like them to be practical. Whether it be a tie, a watch or some tech accessory. My husband loves high quality polo shirts, so that's something to consider as a gift and you can never go wrong with a good fragrance!

Tänane kinginimekiri on pühendatud meestele. Väike inspiratsioon sellest, mida kinkide oma abikaasale, poiss-sõbrale, vennale, isale või kellele iganes! Olen aru saanud, et mehed tahavad, et nende kingitused oleksid praktilised. Olgu selleks siis lips, käekell või mõni tehniline vidin. Minu mehele meeldivad väga kvaliteetsed polosärgid, seega see on miski, mida võiks kinkida ning alati on kasulik kink ka üks hea lõhnaõli!

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  1. Nice suggestions Kristjaana!!! I had thought parfume, shoes and bel are right for my partner. I'm Eni, a blogger from Italy....Check out my blog when u have time. Kisses,

    1. Eni, I checked your blog and totally love it! :)))