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Kayla Itsines' name has become well-known to all the women dreaming of looking good and feeling sexy. Her Bikini Body Guide is a huge success and the results after 12-week program are just unbelievable.
I discovered Kayla's program when, as I've stated before, was looking for a workout plan I could do at home and that doesn't take much time yet still gives me the results I want. Although the transformation photos of clients are amazing I wasn't completely sure if this is the best program for me, so I asked Kayla a few questions to help her make up my mind.
You can read my interview with her below and, needless to say, I'm excited to start the 12-week Bikini Body Guide next week :))

Kayla Itsines'i nimi on vist teada kõigile noortele naistele, kes unistavad ilusast seksikast kehast. Tema Bikiinikeha Trennikava on üle maailma meeletult edukas ja tulemused pärast 12-nädalast programmi on täiesti uskumatud.
Ma avastasin Kayla trennikava siis, kui ma otsisin endale head trennikava, mida saaks teha kodus ja mis ei võtaks palju aega, kuid samas oleks tõhus, nagu ma siin hiljuti ka mainisin. Kuigi klientide muutumispildid on imetlusväärsed, polnud ma siiski päris kindel, kas see on just see õige programm ka mulle, seega küsisin Kaylalt endalt mõned küsimused, et aidata mul otsus langetada.
Minu intervjuud temaga võite lugeda allpoolt (ei hakanud tõlkima, saate Google Translate kasutada :) ja on vist üleliigne öelda, et ma otsustasin tema kava kasuks ja alustan seda juba järgmisel nädalal. Nii põnev :)) 

Why is your program different than other fitness programs?

My training consept is about getting the most out of a limited amount of time. In today's society most people are time poor so I wanted to help them burn as much fat as possible in as little time as possible without sacrificing quality of training. By applying science-based concepts to my particular style of training I was able to get the outcomes that girls wanted. These included flat stomachs, toned thighs and strong, slim arms. With the customer's goal in focus, the knowledge that I had learnt over the years and a passion to create something unique, I came up with my eBook concept, The Bikini Body Guide.
The three weekly resistance workouts go for 28 minutes, require minimal equipment and can be used by almost all fitness levels. Outside of these resistance sessions there is a comprehensive week-by-week cardio guide that breaks down different types of cardio, how they all work together and why they work.
I thought that the science behind my guide was almost more important than the program so I made sure I incorporated it inside the books with a quite extensive educational section. I believe in helping my clients grow through exercise but also respect that education is an important factor when committing to any new lifestyle. If you do not understand something, you will not place trust in it. If you do not trust it, you will not dedicate to it.

Biggest misconception about weigh loss?

More exercises = more results.
Most people are under the illusion that you have to train twice a day, seven days a week and weigh all your food to the gram to get results. This could not be further from the truth. I have heard of many people increasing their training amount just because they weren't getting any results.
Over training and stressing your body will actually make it harder for you to lose weight. Both exercising for a long time in one session or exercising multiple times per day, every day, will raise your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and inhibit your bodies normal functions/reaction to training including hormone production, weight loss and energy production. It is not as simple as calories in vs energy out.

What's a day of eating like?

From when you wake up to when you go to bed?
I generally change things up a bit because I believe variety is really important in your diet. But for example an average day of mine could look like this:
Breakfast: toast with poached eggs, avocado and tomato plus a cup of herbal tea. I love berry tea in the mornings.
After morning shift: one piece of fruit.
Lunch: chicken yiros (a wrap) with homemade tzatziki, lettuce, tomato and onion.
Afternoon snack: tuna salad and a piece of fruit.
Dinner: avgolemono (fluffy lemon and rice soup, my absolute favourite!) with chicken.
Evening: I always have a peppermint or chamomile tea in the evenings.

Any advice for girls who can't live without a certain "bad" food?

Have it! The choice is always yours. If you can accommodate this into your meal plan with a cheat or flexi meal then do so. But the point still stands, if you "can't live without it" every day of the week then don't expect to live with your dream body.

Any tips for all the ladies out there looking to get bikini body ready?

Dedication!!! Find something that works for YOU and stick to it! It's about maintaining your lifestyle change for the long run so that you feel confident 100%  of the time. Its not always about having a "bikini body", it's about being confident and happy with yourself. Just don't expect 100% results, if you don't put in 100% of the effort!

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