2013 has come to an end and so it's time to look back on the year and remember all the good things in it. 

This year has definitely been a year of travels for me. I've never traveled that much in one year and I love it! 2013 started with a few-day visit to Stockholm, Sweden. Then in the end of March we had a vacation in Tenerife, Spain, followed by an amazing shopping spree in London, UK in June. We then spent a week in July travelling in Germany, visiting cities like Berlin, Leipzig and München and had a one week vacay in Zürich, Switzerland. In August we did a quick trip to Stockholm, Sweden for Fashion Week and in October I spent a weekend educating myself in Gothenburg, Sweden and luckily I had a chance to visit Copenhagen and Frankfurt along the way. Super exciting, since I love travelling so much. Trying to keep up the pace in 2014 aswell :)

Looking back at 2013, the year can also be called a year of collaborations and of self education. I am truly honoured and blessed to have had the opportunity to make so many collaborations thanks to this blog. I am the face of Tallinn Dolls, I hosted a fashion show and shopping event and I've had so many awesome giveaways and other collabotations with many successful Estonian brands and companies.

Although I'm not studying in any universities at the moment, I've learned so much the past year. I'm educating myself by reading a lot (probably more than in all previous years combined) and by attending lots of different seminars, workshops and trainings. I've listened to and learned from so many world class speakers from different fields and gotten to know myself a lot better. Definitely keeping up the pace of self-education the following year aswell!

All in all it has been an interesting and exciting year for me. Sending it away with good feelings and I am SO READY for 2014, cause I know it is going to be an absolute rocket. Happy new year!