Glamming yourself up and wearing a skirt with heels is probably nothing special fo most of you who wear skirts and heels every day to work or at least on weekends for parties. But being at-home-mommy for almost 2 years now, heels and skirts are deinitely not my top pick when it comes to everyday clothing.

So I love to glam myself up from time to time on weekends and wear heels and short skirts. Makes me feel so much more like woman not just as a mommy, even though running after your toddler in 11cm heels is not the easiest task lol. But when Thor says to me "Mommy you're so beautiful", it makes it all worth the run :)

H&M COAT (similar) AND FAUX FUR COLLAR (similar)
ZARA SKIRT (cool one here)
VERO MODA BLOUSE (love this and this)

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