Simple formal-cut high quality clothes, especially shirts and skirts are classics that every woman should have in her wardrobe. And when lovely people from an English brand Scaline London contacted me for collaboration, I couldn't say no cause these are exactly the type of clothes that Scaline represents.

Scaline was founded 3 years ago and has been growing ever since, having their clothes available in shops across Europe and USA and you can shop the new collection online here. I'm not surprised by it's success looking at Scaline's fall/winter 2013 collection! It represents everything a contemporary woman wants in clothes, being formal enough for office work yet having interesting cuts and fabrics for night time.

I love how Scaline gives women the possibility to still look stylish and even a bit naughty (looking at this gorgeous model hehe) giving a room to play with your office look. What would you like to wear to work from Scaline's collection? How do you, office girls, usually spice up your simple white shirt / pencil skirt look?