A few days back we decided to go to the movies with Thor to watch "Monsters University". We don't actually show TV to Thor or let him play cames / watch cartoons on iPod, but since Richard and I wanted to go to the cinema we thought of showing a fun new children's movie to our babyboy aswell.

He absolutely loved the whole experience! Although he was interested in watching the film for the first 30 minutes and playing on the stairs for another hour haha and even though Richard and I watched a cartoon instead of some popular movie, it was something all three of us really enjoyed. And you know what? "Monsters University" was super funny! I laughed a lot and it gave me so much positive energy.

Since it was a warm late-summer evening, we went for a walk in the old town afterwards, having some milkshakes and enjoying the beautiful fun day. My look for the day was really casual in jean shorts, sheer blouse and a cardigan.

PRIMARK CARDIGAN (cool one here)
AMISU BLOUSE (similar)
ZARA FLATS (similar in blue and loooove these)