When it comes to dressing Thor, I always look for fun colourful pieces with character. And you know what? It's pretty hard to find anything since most clothing made for boys is utterly dull in dark colours like black and brown and dark blue. Nothing funny and sadly nothing to match Thor's bubbly energetic sweet personality :( So I practically can't buy any clothes for him in Estonia and have to do all the shopping abroad. The only store I find cool clothing for Thor is from Zara and luckily H&M is opening stores soon too. But that's it...

But not anymore! :)) A friend of mine started a children's clothing brand Mimi Baby along with her friend earlier this year and these clothes are awesome! The two girls behind the brand really know what they are doing since they both have toddles as old as Thor running around the house. So one day we met up and we got to see their new collection and try it on. Needless to say Thor and I both loved Mimi Baby with their bright colours and cool jeans and funny shirts. Go check out Mimi Baby's fanpage and find beautiful clothing for you children or for your little friends. They make clothing for children aged 6 months to 12 years.

The clothes Thor and Elisabeth wore:

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  1. Thank you for visiting us- Mimi Baby. You and Thor are more than welcome to see us more often.