As a blogger I read lots of different blogs every day to keep in touch with other bloggers' doings around the world and mainly for inspiration. The reason I started this blog at forst place was because of all the blogs I followed that made me want to have my own place for my thoughts, my personal diary. Since I categorize my blog as fashion / personal, my favourite ones are from the same categories. I keep up with around 30 different blogs, but those 9 simply amazing blogs are my top picks, the ones I read daily. 

Love Taza. My no 1 blog to follow! Naomi lives in NY with her sweet little family and looks so stunning. Her blog consists of lovely photos of her children and good humour.

Tuulavintage. This Australian blogger caught my attention cause of her pure less-is-more outfits. Jessica has an eye for interesting pieces of clothing and she travels the world posting lots of beautiful photos.

Sincerely, Jules. Julie is my favourite when it comes to style and outfits. Everything looks so effortlessly hot on her and her hair and tanned LA skin are just to die for.

The Blonde Salad. Probably the most popular blogger out there at the moment. I like Chiara's blog because of the creative ways to mix different styles and different clothing together + she seems to be such a positive person.

Song of Style. Aimee is the queen of arm candy and accessorizing all together. This LA based interior designer is all about colours and stiletto heels and I would like to live in her apartment!

Kayture. This young Swiss blogger has the clearest skin I've ever seen! A bit more couture blog and Kristina always looks so perfectly well put together.

The Daybook Blog. I discovered Sydney's blog when I was pregnant and looking for great outfits to wear. She has a little son and blogs about her life with good humour and a little sarcasm.

Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily is super successful LA blogger who bakes delicious cakes and styles beautiful table settings.

Lust for Life. Olivia puts together really interesting vintage pieces and I would always like to buy everything she wears.

What are your fav blogs? Are any of my favourite blogs on your top list aswell? Would like to discover more and more cool blogs so let me know! 


  1. Mõnus postitus, kindlasti vaatan neist mõned lingid üle. Ka mulle meeldib The Daybook Blog hullult. :)

  2. Ma ise jälgin neist:
    1) Tuulavintage (Ta stiil on enam-vähem, fotod loodusest ja kohtadest väga ilusad, aga ta mulle välimuselt ei meeldi. Jätab kuidagi nii tühja mulje, alati on näost kuidagi ilmetu, figuur ka ei jäta muljet, on selline skinny fat)
    2) Sincerely, Jules (Suhteliselt armsake, võiks ainult rohkem eraelust blogida, ainult OOTD postitused on igavad)
    3) The Blonde Salad (Tõesti, kõige popim blogija vist hetkel, jälgin teda lihtsalt suurest uudishimust. Mulle ta väga ei meeldi, sest kõik millega ta seotud on, jätab mulje $$$. Tal väga stiilitunnetust ei ole. Arvab, kui on asjal firmanimi küljes, siis tuleb neid võimalikult palju endale selga panna/ külje riputada ja ongi stiilne. Ta blogis on liiga palju reklaami brändidele, on kohe aru saada, et talle makstakse selle eest hästi)
    4) Kayture (Meeldib vist sellest pundist kõige rohkem. Ilus, stiilne ja armas. Tundub väga tänulik oma edu eest ja mainib seda ka tihti)

    1. Nõustun täiesti kõigi su kommentaaridega iga blogija kohta!

  3. Siin leidus ikka paar uut blogi ka, millele saan kohe pilgu peale visata. Kahju, et ma sinu blogi alles täna avastasin. Oleksin tahtnud samuti giveaway's osaleda. Edaspidi hoian su blogil silma peal. :)


  4. Väga hea postitus tõesti! :)
    Ise soovitan näiteks Dulce Candy blogi

    1. Vahel ikka piilun Dulce Candy blogisse ka, aga pole leidnud sealt endale seda miskit, mis kutsuks igapäevaselt jälgima.

  5. My favourits are and :) amazing fotos, great outfits, super taste of everything!!