One of the most popular topics my readers ask questions about is my relationship with Richard and how we met. Since today is Richard's birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to talk to you about our story.

Richard and I met 6 years ago in March. I had seen him a few times before that month at different lounges while having dinner, but that was it. So one day my friend and I decided to go out dancing and just before going into the club I saw a group of my friends and it turned out Richard was also in that group and friends with one guy I knew. Since the girlfriend I went out with knew Richard aswell, we were introduced to each other.

A week went by and I saw him online and started talking to him.We chatted a bit for some days and we had a lot in common and he seemed to be a good friend. So one day Richard called me and asked me to come out of the house. Somehow he had found out my phone number and where I lived and now he was standing there at my doorstep with his motorcycle to ask me out for a walk! We went just for a walk for few times and talked for hours and I started to like him more and more.

One Sunday afternoon at the beginning of April I was just on my way home when Richard called me and asked me to meet him up downtown. I didn't feel like going cause I had to get home to study, but since he said he really really wanted to see me I agreed to go. He called me after every 5 minutes untill I got there to make sure I'm still coming haha. When I arrived he first hugged me, then held my hand and kissed me. I was in heaven! Later that evening before I left to go home he kissed me again and told me to call him tomorrow if I didn't regret kissing him. The next morning he called me himself and we met up after my classes.

Now, 6 years later we are still so in love with each other and I'm so glad we met. Today we can celebrate Richard's birthay for the sixth time together. Happy birthday, baby, I love you forever and always!