I've somehow caught a terrible cold (probably from dressing way too light for the windy weather) so due to my running nose and heavy coughing I'm not able to take outfit photos but that makes me want summer to come even more! So sharing some sweet summer feeling with you. Beach chilling to the max :))


  1. Wauw beautiful post with beatiful pics! Love the turqois and golden neckless in that photo, very inspiring!

    XO from Malta,

  2. Kristjaana, how did you start writing this blog? And why?
    Sometimes I want to start writing mine, so it's interesting, what encourages others to start doing that :)

    1. I had been reading other fashion blogs for some time until one morning I woke up and thought I should have one myself.
      A lot of my friends had told me many times to have a blog with my outfits and so I just went to blogger and created my very own blog.
      I wanted my blog to be fashion oriented but with a personal touch and with lots of pictures, since I'm not much of a writer...
      I'm so glad I made this blog, since it has become so dear to me :)
      You should definately start your blog aswell, would love to read it!

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience!
      I am thinking a lot should I create or not my own blog. I am not really a fashionista, but who knows, maybe I will be one day :))