As one of my readers requested, I'm going to show you my small and humble bag collection. I tried to combine them somehow but it was a tough challenge haha. I left a few larger bags out from the pictures, but all in all you can get an overview of the handbags I own.

Anyway when ever I shop for a bag, I buy the one that catches my attention from the minute I see it. Then I try it on and if it suits me, it's mine! I never go shopping specially for bags (or any other item actually) cause, you know, then I never find what I am currently looking for. Is it the same with you or am I just weird?!

I don't have one favourite bag in my collection but I do like some more then others and so I wear some more often aswell. The closet clean-up takes place after every 6 months or so and then I get rid of all the things I haven't really worn.

The next bags in my wish-list are definately square, since square across-boby bags are a must for spring/summer 2013 and as for colors I am looking for something yellow, something black/white and something metallic. You can see what I am planning on buying at the end of the post :)

Tote bags

From left: Friis&Company, Monton, Mohito, Rodi Mood, Vero Moda


From left: Asos, Stradivarius, Asos, Seppälä, Miss Sixty

Large Structured Bags

From left: Cubus, H&M, Warehouse

Across-Body Bags

From left: House, Tally Weijl, Prada, H&M

Smaller Handbags

From left: Asos, Amisu, Global Accessories, Guess

 On my wishlist

From top left: H&M, Zara, H&M, Aldo, River Island


  1. Palju see alumisel pildil olev keskmine zara kott maksab? (maksis) Nii ilus.

    1. Mõtled seda kollase ja ussinahaga? See on H&M kott ja maksab kõigest €19,95! Peaks juba poodides müügil ka olema :P

    2. Täna just käisin sellel H&Mi kotil Postkontoris (Soomes elan) järel ja tõesti väga ilus kott!! :)

    3. Super! Pean ka ära ostma siis kindlalt :))

  2. Oi, anna ainult teada, millal neid müüma hakkad :D

    1. Ma siiani pole ühtegi oma kasutatud asja müünud, aga kui tõesti huvi on, siis võin ju millalgi osad asjad siia blogisse müüki panna :)

  3. Vau, kui palju imeilusad värvikaid kotte!

  4. Vau, kui palju imeilusad värvikaid kotte!

  5. Niii kenad kotid! Super värvivalik! Sparkly mitte mingi möttetu must. Good taste, go girl ! :)