I love to wear clothes from different Estonian designer and brands. I especially like the pieces from Monton, Tallinn Dolls and Ivo Nikkolo and for a special occasion a dress from Aldo Järvsoo.
Two of them, Monton and Ivo Nikkolo, have come out with their spring 2013 collections and I wanted to share my fave things from both collections.
Visit their websites at www.montonfashion.com and www.ivonikkolo.ee to see more items and shop the collections.


  1. Amazing collection, all the dresses are really very nice, this is the first time i am reading about these two designers, will definitely check their outfits.

    1. Sure do! The quality of those two brands is really good aswell ;)

  2. Can't wait on your next post! You've earned a subscriber! :) More fashion styles!