Back when I was pregnant we often wondered what our son would look like and I was so sure he would be just like Richard, secretly hoping he would have some features from me aswell. And then we had Thor, a dark-haired boy who looked exactly like little Richard and I had to just face that sadly my genes aren't as strong as Richard's. But now, month after month Thor's hair is getting lighter and lighter and have you ever seen so blue eyes!? It seems like Thor has something from me after all :)


  1. Wow, ei teadnudki, et musta värvi lutid müügil on :) Väga kihvt, poistele sobib hästi :)

    1. Jaa, väga kihvtid on ka läbipaistvad, kus mustad vuntsid peal!
      Aga neid ma pole kusagilt Euoopast kahjuks müügilt leidnud :(