With a small baby at home the days are most likely the same. It makes no difference to me whether it's Monday or Saturday, the things I do with Thor are always the same and at the same time cause it is really important for babies to have a certain routine.

So basically we have an eat-sleep-play schedule with a wake-up at 8 am and bedtime at 8 pm. And two 2-hour naps during the day at 10 am and at 2 pm. It took some time to work out the best routine for us and I'm so happy we have it settled now! He used to go to bed at 10 pm or so, which was good, cause we wouldn't have to be home that early, but I tell you, the 8 pm bedtime is a blessing! Now after Thor is asleep, Richard and I can have some alone time too.

Since Richard is at work during the day, Thor has a special daddy time when he gets home. Which is also good for me, cause that's the time I can relax and blog for example :) Here are some photos I shot of Thor today!

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