This year I decided not to have a big birthday party, instead just a small dinner with my family. The reason I didn't want to make it big was because I'm pregnant and can't really party anyway and secondly I'm in the middle of graduating from university, so all my time goes for studying and focusing on school these days.

Anyway I'll share with you what I got for presents cause I adore everything I got!
Richard gave me a long-wanted Michael Kors watch

My parents gave me Rieker boots I fell in love with a few weeks ago (super warm and comfy!) + some money

From my sister I got my new favourite fragrance Gucci Guilty

My aunt gave me the most adorable warm S.Oliver slippers (I'm a total slipper fan, I always have to have slippers on, cause my feet are cold all the time)

My uncle's wife gave me some practical reading for the future. Love it!

My best friend got me beautiful earrings

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