Every year we spend a week with friends in the summer in Hiiumaa, an island in Estonia, where we rent a house for 10 people and just relax in the middle of the forest. Such a beautiful place to escape from the city! It's near the beach and SO quiet. There are lots of mushrooms and berries in the forest and we can always see all the forest animals there like deer, moose, rabbits, snakes, spiders, bats, eagles etc. It's the perfect week of doing nothing! Days spent at the beach and just driving around the island, nights spent at the house having BBQs and watching movies. Precious!

Rich is making neclase out of stone and string

Our litlle holiday-house
Shiny happy people:)
Hand-made wooden chair

Such a cool place for hammock!
Gorgeous beach!

Beautiful little Emma

The biggest grasshopper I've ever seen

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